Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Four Personality Colours: Which One Is You?

There are many different ways to split people up into personality types. Some of them are pretty complex and hard to remember. On the other hand, the four personality colours is easier to learn and remember. Here's a quick summary of the four personality colours. What is yours?

35% of people are yellow (koala bear)

These people like to be friends. Typical occupations include nursing, teachers, volunteer fundraisers, and counselors. They talk really gentle and really soft. They tend to dress casually and comfortably, Yellows are very dependable people and won't let you down. They're known as team players who are very patient, supportive, and nurturing.

35% of people are greens (owl)

Their motto is "let's get to the facts and figures". Typical occupations include engineering, mechanics, research and development. Their voice is soft and polite. Their dress is formal and conservative. They're organized, accurate, and persistent with a good ability to plan. They follow through, and they'll constantly contact a person.

15% of people are blues (monkeys)

Blues very direct and open. Typical occupations include sales, entertainment, public speaking, and acting. They speak very loudly and fast. Their dress is stylish and flamboyant. They're good promoters and convincers. They are also enthusiastic, creative, and highly energetic.

15% of people are red (shark)

Reds like to say "sign me up and get out of my way". Typical occupations include CEO, attorney, vice president, and airline pilots. They are very forceful with high volume. They dress for success and are very focused, goal-oriented, and intense.

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